Early College Student Expectations for Working Online

Here are some expectations and guidance for working online for Stanly Early College and Stanly STEM Early College Students: 
  1. All SEC/STEM High School class content is being posted on Canvas. Students should check Canvas announcements in all classes,  everyday for daily assignments and instructional resources. 
  2. Students should login and work in ALL of their high school classes everyday Monday-Friday. Student work will be graded and should be submitted according to teacher due dates posted on Canvas. 
  3. We are following our SEC regular school calendar. Spring Break is still scheduled for April 10th-17th. 
  4. All Stanly Community College classes are online. Stanly Community College facilities are closed to all students. Only SCC/Early College staff will be allowed on the SCC campus. SEC and STEM students and parents should call ahead if they need to come to school. 
  5. Students who are completing work packets due to limited online access need to call SEC/STEM if more work is needed, or if work needs to be submitted for grading.  Students and parents should call ahead and schedule an appointment if they need to come to school for any reason. Please call 704-991-0185 to get in contact with school administration for both schools.